Program Priority: Healthy Weight and Nutrition

Issues regarding childhood weight and nutrition are among Rhode Island’s and our nation’s greatest health challenges.

Healthy Weight and Nutrition

As many as one in three children and teens now cope with weight-related conditions—from obesity to dangerous eating disorders. We know that a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet and appropriate physical activity. But many children in Rhode Island suffer from health risks inspired by weight-related disorders.

Experts at Hasbro Children’s Hospital have developed a comprehensive approach to issues of weight and nutrition, from diabetes and eating disorder programs to gastroenterology and adolescent medicine. You can see this expertise at work throughout the hospital, such as in our primary care practice, outpatient Partial Hospital Program and our inpatient Medical-Psychiatric Program.

Our expanded Healthy Weight and Nutrition program will help youth struggling with severe obesity through a first-in-the-nation effort that addresses the medical and psychological issues associated with obesity.

Your support will help us provide early intervention with preschool and school-age children and their families to educate and change behavior, and continue our groundbreaking research on issues ranging from bullying and the stigma of obesity to links between weight and nutrition.


Meet Adana

It starts when they're thirsty. You offer your child juice and it becomes their go-to drink. But when does pouring glasses of sugary beverages become hazardous to their health? For eight-year-old Adana, it was shortly after she turned five.

Pediatrician Natalia Golova, MD has been caring for Adana since she was an infant. Until her five-year physical, the girl had been growing on a normal growth curve. “Mom and dad have struggled with their weight, so I was aware of the genetic risks for Adana,” says Dr. Golova.