Our Mission


Building a healthier world

for children begins with a

promise for their future.

The magic of childhood exists in the world of possibilities it offers. At Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital, our promise is to make all things possible for every child. That means creating healthy children, families, and communities—and that promise begins with you. We see children for their potential, not just their illness. Today, the expertise of our innovative, caring clinicians and our groundbreaking research can open that world.


Message from Leadership

Dear Friend:

As we look to the future and take stock of the exciting advances in medicine since Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital first opened their doors, our commitment to providing world-class health care to the children in our region and beyond has never been stronger. We are privileged to fulfill this mandate with a compassionate and invested community by our side.

The phrase every child, every day embraces the heart of what we are trying to accomplish with our campaign. From revitalizing healing spaces that match the excellent care we deliver, to enhancing programs and research endeavors vital to the future of our patients and families, we stand committed to reaching our goals.

Thank you for helping to create a history of wonderful for every child, every day. Together we can reimagine our children’s hospitals and ready them for the future.