Program Priority: Child Protection

There is no higher priority than keeping children safe.

Child Protection

When a child is abused or neglected, the immediate damage may be physical injury, but the child also suffers toxic stress, which disrupts development of the brain and biological systems. There are also significant long-term repercussions, including depression, obesity, substance abuse, high-risk sexual behaviors, chronic disease, and suicide.

The nationally renowned Lawrence A. Aubin, Sr. Child Protection Center at Hasbro Children’s Hospital has the state’s only dedicated child abuse physicians. The Aubin Center provides a crucial clinical resource in the care of children who may have been victims of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse or neglect. Once abuse is identified and addressed, many of these children continue their treatment at Bradley Hospital.

Our expanded Aubin Center will widen the scope of the award-winning, evidence-based “Incredible Years” program through intervention, treatment, education, and statewide collaboration on the maltreatment of children.

Your support will help us broaden our ability to screen and identify families with elevated risk factors for abuse, develop an intensive case management strategy to intervene before abuse or neglect can begin, and enhance communication among private and public stakeholders to ensure healthy outcomes for children at risk.


Meet Amy

Amy had a terrible secret: her mother's boyfriend was sexually abusing her. Just eight years old, the second-grader overcame her fear and told her mother—but her mom didn't believe her. That was almost worse than the abuse itself.

Amy was afraid not only for herself but for her three-year-old brother, Jimmy. Amy knew her mother had a terrible secret, too: Mom’s boyfriend was hitting her. Amy saw it happen when no one thought she was watching. At the first sign of violence, Amy hid Jimmy in a closet.