Program Priority: Medical-Psychiatric Program

Illness comes in all shapes, sizes, and complexities—but none more complex than children who have a psychiatric disorder coupled with a medical diagnosis.

Medical-Psychiatric Program

The Hasbro Children’s Hospital Medical-Psychiatric Program, in collaboration with Bradley Hospital, is the region’s only program of its kind and a nationwide medical destination for families. We offer family-based integrated services, including inpatient, partial, and outpatient programs in order to best serve the medical and psychiatric needs of children and families.

The children treated in our Inpatient Program are among the most complex cases we see at Bradley and Hasbro Children’s hospitals. Medical diagnoses range from gastrointestinal illnesses, asthma, and diabetes to seizures, eating disorders, pain syndromes, and more. Children often stay on the unit from several days to weeks and sometimes months. Our Hasbro Partial Hospital Program is the only day treatment program in New England for children with combined medical and psychiatric illness and serves as a critical step down from inpatient care or step up from outpatient care for those who require it.

Our expanded Medical-Psychiatric Program will enhance our ability to coordinate care for these children through additional training, education, and research that can result in novel clinical approaches and long-term treatment outcomes that advance patient care.


Meet Rachel

For 16-year-old Rachel, it began with skipping lunch at school to avoid a cafeteria bully. At home, her dad’s cancer treatment had interrupted the family dinner routine, so Rachel took to skipping that meal, too.

Home and school no longer felt predictable to the teen. As the daily structure of her life crumbled, Rachel saw food as something she could be in charge of—that eating less made her stronger and in control.