Program Priorities


The magic of childhood exists in the world of possibilities it offers. At Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital, our promise is to make all things possible for every child. That means creating healthy children, families, and communities—and that promise begins with you. We see children for their potential, not just their illness. Today, the expertise of our innovative, caring clinicians and our groundbreaking research can open that world.

With your help, the Every Child, Every Day campaign will create a world where:



Children with neurological disorders such as autism receive treatment from the country’s foremost experts in neurodevelopment.

Child Protection

Abused and neglected children find safety, medical care, and ongoing support for their needs.

Chronic Illness

Children with chronic illness not only survive their illness, but thrive.

Emergency Medicine

Leading-edge emergency medicine and critical care are practiced 24/7.

Healthy Weight and Nutrition

Tools for maintaining healthy weight and good nutrition are provided to every child.

The Medical–Psychiatric Program

Children with both complex psychiatric and medical disorders receive groundbreaking, transformative care.

Surgical Services

Surgery is all about expertise, teamwork, and pioneering procedures.